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No restrictive software to remove;

GNU/Linux working out-of-the-box.

Get a Linux computer without having to pay for a Windows license! The following vendors sell hardware pre-installed with software that’s free as in freedom – so you should not have to remove anything. They were selected for their focus on simplicity and quality.

System76 laptop


A well-known vendor in the Ubuntu Linux community when it comes to hardware, for its sleek laptops and elegant, unobtrusive desktops.

Flag of the USAWorldwideShips to selected countries from the USA
ZaReason computer


A variety of robust machines built with love and passion, by people with high standards. The growing company is well-appreciated among the community.

Flag of the USAFlag of CanadaShips to the USA and Canada
  • ThinkPenguin, a remarkable vendor truly dedicated to software freedom, pre-install and support Ubuntu as well as a distribution with no proprietary drivers, named Trisquel.
    Flag of the USAWorldwideShips worldwide from the USA
  • EmperorLinux sells an array of medium- to high-end laptops. They ship with their own Linux distribution or a choice of 6 popular alternatives.
    Flag of the USAWorldwideShips worldwide from the USA
  • Dell now sells a high-end laptop marketed towards developers, pre-installed with Ubuntu.
    Flag of the USAFlag of CanadaFlag of the European UnionAvailable in North America and most countries of the European region

See also the following vendors, sorted loosely by geographical location:

  • LinuxCertified has a variety of laptops on offer, which they pre-install with the distribution of your choice.
    Flag of the USAWorldwideShips worldwide from the USA
  • Puget Systems can install the Linux distribution of your choice on any of their highly-customized, high-end machines.
    Flag of the USAFlag of CanadaShips in the USA and Canada
  • Inatux sell a few medium-range computers pre-installed with Linux distributions.
    Flag of the USAShips in the USA
  • JNCS, a custom computer assembler, pre-install (and can commercially support) Ubuntu on all of their servers and some of their consumer PCs. Among these, two desktops are dedicated to Linux gaming.
    Flag of the USAShips in the USA
  • Los Alamos Computers specializes in high-end (ThinkPad) computers, with a variety of configurations and GNU/Linux distributions to choose from.
    Flag of the USAShips to the USA
  • SWTechnology sell high-end desktop machines, servers, as well as several laptops, pre-installed with Linux or even BSD.
    Flag of the USAShips in the USA
  • sells a number of Linux-preinstalled computers in Ottawa (ON).
    Flag of CanadaWorldwideShips worldwide from Canada
  • HomeComputer101 repair computers and have a range of hardware pre-installed with Ubuntu in Belleville (ON).
    Flag of CanadaShips in North America from Belleville, Canada
  • CurrentBuild have no-frills, intelligently and responsibly assembled desktop PCs on offer, on which they pre-install Linux.
    Flag of the USAShips in the USA
  • Free IT Athens sell re-furbished desktop computers pre-installed with Linux Mint in Athens (GA).
    Flag of the USALocated in Athens, Georgia, USA
  • AVADirect can pre-install your choice of a Linux distribution on the destkop and laptop computers they have on sale.
    Flag of the USAShips in the USA
  • The eRacks company sells a few laptops and desktops somewhere in their large computing hardware catalog.
    Flag of USAWorldwideShips worldwide from the USA
  • Linucity sell Linux PCs lost within a horrifying, lurid website.
    Flag of the USAShips in the USA
  • LinuxNow, an Australian vendor, sell a great number of laptop and desktop computers, which come pre-installed with a Linux distribution at the choice of the customer.
    Flag of AustraliaShips within Australia
  • Entroware have a crisp, elegant line-up of Ubuntu laptops and desktops on offer.
    Flag of the UKShips in the UK
  • TinyGreenPC distribute Fit-PCs (see below) and other compact, powerful but silent families of desktop computers. They come pre-installed with Linux Mint, a Ubuntu derivative.
    Flag of the UKWorldwideShips worldwide from the UK
  • The UK Clearance Centre sell a number of refurbished computers of all kinds; most can be pre-installed with Linux Mint at no cost.
    Flag of the UKShips in the UK
  • The Gluglug, an Essex user group, sell new and refurbished computers pre-installed with the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice.
    Flag of the UKShips in the UK
  • Linux-Onlineshop have a rather large offering of Linux-preinstalled notebooks (including netbooks) and desktops.
    Flag of GermanyWorldwideShips in many countries from Germany
  • ixsoft have built up a rather comprehensive (though rather overwhelming) catalog of computers of all sizes pre-installed with Linux.
    Flag of GermanyWorldwideShips worldwide from Germany
  • Ekimia now sell a range of laptop and desktop computers pre-installed with Ubuntu, which they cater to European and Maghreb countries.
    Flag of FranceFlag of the EUShips in Europe and North America from France
  • Linutop sells a tiny fan-less PC running a customized version of Ubuntu from a memory stick.
    Flag of FranceWorldwideShips worldwide from France
  • have a very classy range of high-range desktop and laptop computers on which they preinstall Ubuntu, Debian or OpenSuse (or sell without an OS).
    Flag of SpainWorldwideShips in several countries from Spain
  • Azken sell and support very high-end workstations on which they can pre-install GNU/Linux.
    Flag of SpainShips in Spain
  • GGS-Data have a wide range of computers (both desktops and notebooks) on offer, on which they readily install Ubuntu.
    Flag of SwedenWorldwideShips worldwide from Sweden
  • The Fit-PC is a miniature, powerful fanless desktop computer shipped pre-installed with Linux by a number of resellers.
    WorldwideShips worldwide from a variety of vendors

None of these links are commercial. This is a hand-picked, subjective, fully disinterested list.
Feedback about vendors? Proposals for inclusion? please get in touch with Olivier.
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Last updated November 20th, 2014

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